Top 10 Irresistible Japanese Spicy Food To Try -

Top 10 Irresistible Japanese Spicy Food To Try

A plate of food on a table

It’s often believed that Japanese don’t go spicy when it comes with their indigenous dishes, especially outside the country. However, this interesting list about the most irresistible Japanese spicy food will prove them wrong. Japanese spicy foods don’t just end with wasabi, since there are more than that.


A plate of food on a table

Yuzukoshou is the result of combining a Japanese fruit with the best peppers and spices. It’s not exactly a food in its right, but it makes an excellent garnish for grilled meats and veggies. Overall, basically the made up of pulverized yuzu blended with black pepper, chili, and other rudimentary herbs and spices.

Karashi Mentaiko

This kind of Mentaiko is the very same Mentaiko we all know from the beginning, but with a garnish made from shiso (Japanese chili peppers). Although this dish can be too overpowering, the peppers give it a unique level of spiciness that significantly enhances the taste, without negating the salty and slimy nature of it.

Mabu Tofu

Although Mabu Tofu is basically a Chinese dish, it is also one of the most popular spicy foods all across Japan. It’s undeniably delicious, due to its amazing performance in the spice department. Moreover, this delicious dish is smooth to the taste, which is perfect for first timers.

Ebi Chili

Ebi chili is a Japanese appetizer that’s made from battered fried shrimp, and served with sweet-chili sauce. Its main highlight is the sauce, which is identical to which you can find with namaharumaki in Vietnamese restaurants. If making some Ebi chili suits your fancy, try having an Ebi Chili dinner kit for a reasonable price at any Japanese supermarket.

Taco Rice

Although tacos are of Mexican origin, it has been on the menu of Japanese cuisine ever since the 1950s-1960s. It started from the US occupation of Okinawa during the post-war days that brought with them some hungry bellies, always longing for a taste of home. This sweet and spicy dish is the fusion of Mexican salsa, taco cases, and rice.

Japanese Curry

Japan also has its own distinct curry that is hot enough to sting your tastebuds. The usual ingredients are usually carrots, onions, potatoes, and either pork or beef. Additionally, it’s usually eaten using a Western style spoon, accompanied by a garnish of fukujinzuke (mix of sweet pickles) or rakkyo (pickled scallion). Almost the majority of establishments serve curry across Japan, which is a good thing. Other restaurants, cafeterias, and eateries, even reach levels of 8-10, to definitely satisfy your spiciness cravings.

Tan Tan Ramen

A bowl of food on a plate

This dish is an all-time favorite by the corporate masses across Japan. This is another fine example of transforming a staple food, in this case a bowl of ramen and giving it a fiery twist. Basically, this delicious dish is made up of beef, fresh chili peppers, chili oil, and tons of black pepper that’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. Lastly, the extreme spiciness will definitely rouse any drowsiness, bringing your work mode back again.

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