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Spicy Hot 19 Recipes That Help You To Live Longer

19 Spicy Hot Recipes that Help You to Live Longer

Studies have shown that people who eat spicy hot food tend to live longer than those who don’t. However, that doesn’t mean chili pepper is the secret to immortality. Instead, spicy food contains more antioxidants, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer properties that help you live longer.

Here’s an exhaustive list of 19 hot recipes that might burn your tongue, but will add up yet another day to your life. 

1. Habanero Dipping Spicy Hot Sauce

When drizzled over chicken lettuce wraps, this sauce makes everything taste heavenly. The possibilities are endless and so are the health benefits. 

19 Spicy Hot Recipes that Help You to Live Longer
19 Spicy Hot Recipes that Help You to Live Longer

2. Enchiladas Verdes Spicy Hot

Nothing can beat the competency of Mexican food, especially the one made with mouth-watering salsa. Therefore, these enchiladas will never stop amazing you with their supreme nutritious properties. 

3. Hellfire Chili Spicy Hot

With a red lava-like look, this chili is much better than any chili you ever taste in your lifetime. As the name suggests, it’s hot as fire in hell, but prevents you from going there soon.

4. Arrabbiata Sauce Spicy Hot

Whether you use it with penne pasta or with your favorite pizza, it can make anything remarkable in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it is an excellent combination of tanginess and spiciness altogether.

5. Turkey Four-Bean Spicy Hot chili

A masterpiece hot recipe which is built with four different beans, red pepper flakes, chili powder, salsa, and a lot of cumin. This fiery recipe even makes Satan yell “oh Jesus!”

6. Stomp Gumbo Spicy Hot

Infused with several ingredients, this hot recipe is served best with rice and a chilled beer. Furthermore, it’s not only easy to prepare, but it will make you fall in love with its unique taste.

7. Chicken Vicious Spicy Hot

It would help if you had a victorious tongue to enjoy this amazingly delicious spicy hot mandarin flavored chicken. Once tasted, you will never want to forget the experience. 

8. Tuna Fish Sandwich 

Seafood lovers put your hands up because this certainly fits the bill for you. It is both an infusion of sweetness and spiciness. 

9. Chicken Thai soup 

The secret to its unbearable spiciness is its red curry paste. You have all the liberty to change it as per your accommodation and comfort. However, it will always taste good. 

19 Spicy Hot Recipes that Help You to Live Longer
19 Spicy Hot Recipes that Help You to Live Longer

10. Green Chile Pork

This slow-cooked pork makes every taco and enchilada great again. You will surely crave for it. Its rich and spicy flavor makes everyone say “amazing”.

11. Vegan Potato Curry 

This is a super tasty curry with potato, garlic, and onions. It comes with an infusion of traditional spices, ginger, beans, and peas. Just pass some heat and its ready to eat.

12. Turkey Burger 

This spicy hot recipe has just the perfect amount of spiciness that makes it extremely lavishing. If you are among the heat lovers, then add some more spice to it. 

13. Peach Coleslaw 

Better than the regular old coleslaw, this peach coleslaw tastes overwhelming with chili pepper sauce on the top. 

14. African Yam Soup 

It is just a great example of how simple things are transformed into a masterpiece with only some added goodness and spiciness.

15. Tex-Mex Salad 

Vegans can take a deep breath because now they can enjoy eternal spiciness with this salad. It doesn’t mean non-vegetarian people cannot try this. So, add some beef, and you’re good to go.

16. Black Bean Soup 

Serve it as it is or serve it in a creamy variant, it tastes good in both contexts. Moreover, what’s better than adjusting the heat as per need? 

17. Chicken Soup 

Meet our very old friend during the common cold that can fit any taste. Simmer it more and it will get even tastier.

18. Salmon Salad Sandwich 

You will surely take one’s hat off for its fantastic flavor. By infusing diced cucumbers in it, you will make it even more delicious. 

19. Sriracha Sauce 

It might appear to be a simple combination of vinegar, red chili, garlic salt, and pepper, but its spicy complexity will surely blow your mind. 

Bottom Line 

So live a longer and healthy lifestyle by preparing these hot recipes at your home. That’s all we have for today. 

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