Spicy Green Peppers

Spicy Green Peppers: 6 Varieties To Heat Your Dish Up

Spicy green peppers are hot. You must have eaten Mexican food. Can you tell me one ingredient that is ubiquitous in their dishes? Yes! It is the fresh chili pepper.

These spicy green peppers are of different varieties, and depending on their spiciness, flavor, and structure, they have got various names. You may find it confusing, in the beginning, to differentiate among them, but once you know them properly, you can use them according to the recipes.

So, today I am going to tell you about the green chilies that are quite spicy.

6 Kinds Of Spicy Green Peppers:

California Chili

Also known as the Anaheim chili, it comes from the northern region of Mexico. It is trendy in the southwestern parts of the USA. They are bright green as well as long. From New Mexico, these chilies went to California in 1900, and they became famous in Anaheim, a well-known city of California. From then it got the name of Anaheim peppers.

Hatch Chili

Though they are quite similar to the California chilies, hatch chilies are hotter in comparison to them. Cultivated in the hatch town of New Mexico, these are also popular as New Mexico chilies. If you are addicted to spicy food, then the pollo vorde having these hatch chilies will blow your mind away.

Spicy Green Peppers

Poblano Green Chilies

With a dark green color and wider structure, these Poblano chilies got their names from the Puebla region of Mexico. The surprising thing is these come with varying piquancy; some are hotter than Anaheim while some are milder. When they become dry, they are called ancho chili. You can find the presence of these spicy chilies in various Mexican dishes like chiles en nogada as well as chiles rellenos.

Chilaca Peppers

Just like the New Mexico chili, these are also narrow and long, but their color varies from deep green to chocolate brown. When it gets dry, it gets the name of pasilla chile, and in this form, it is more famous in various Mexican recipes. A famous beef stew in Mexican style named chili Colorado uses the Chilaca peppers in ample amounts.

Jalapeno Peppers

Both Mexican, as well as non-Mexican recipes, make use of jalapeno peppers. These chilies have got their names from Xalapa, a city in the state of Veracruz. Use them as a condiment, or stuff them to make amazing appetizers. When they become dry, or they are smoked, they give a unique aroma. In smoked or dried form, they are called as chipotle chiles.

Spicy Green Peppers

Serrano Chilies

Though these are narrower and also smaller in size in comparison to the jalapeno peppers, these are super hot. Due to their spiciness, you cannot find them as the main ingredient of any Mexican dish. Instead, you can see them in salsa or for flavoring any recipe. You can roast or chop them to use for seasoning. Their dried form is popularly called dried Serrano, while some also call them as Serrano seco.

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