North Indian Food: Some Popular Food To Try Out -

North Indian Food: Some Popular Food To Try Out

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North Indian food, the best way to describe it would be rich in texture, gravy, and in large amounts. Perhaps, you need to attend a North Indian wedding, if invited and see the lavish spread of dishes there.

Each of the states in North India come with their traditions and rituals implemented when preparing food for occasions or festivals. Indian cooking revolves around spices and flavors. Unless a particular dish comes with the right kind of flavor or aroma, it is not authentic.

Popular North Indian Food

North Indian Food: Some Popular Food To Try Out
North Indian Food: Some Popular Food To Try Out

The chole bhature is an oily food item that comes with two dishes. One dish made from the chickpeas and the other made from flour. The chickpeas dish is usually made in the form of gravy and is slightly spicy.

The other dish made from flour and deep-fried in a round shape. To prepare the chole, you need to soak the chickpeas overnight or for few hours before preparation. Then drain the water and add fresh water to it.

Cook it in a pressure cooker, until it becomes soft and tender. You should be able to press it with both your forefinger and thumb. With the help of a pan and an assorted range of spices, you can prepare the chole.

For the flour item or poori, you need to mix the flour in some water until the right consistency achieved. Then you can make them into a dough and shape them round. Take a large bowl and pour some vegetable oil into it.

Then you can cook it for a few minutes until it fluffs up. The poori takes less than a minute to cook in hot oil. There you go, chole bhature is ready and prepared. Some other notable dishes that you can try out in Indian restaurants are chicken dum biryani.

In biryani, which is a popular dish prepared during weddings and functions, more than 20 spices are used to make them. You also have the butter chicken where ample amounts of butter used for cooking the marinade chicken.

Some Popular North Indian Food To Try Out

North Indian Food: Some Popular Food To Try Out
North Indian Food: Some Popular Food To Try Out

North Indian food is entirely different from South Indian food. Like we read above, the breakfast and dinner items vary entirely in texture and style. You would also be stunned by the cooking techniques used in India.

In some parts, they still use wood for cooking in outdoor cooking, like in the desert of Rajasthan. In Punjab, you have the tandoor, which is a clay pot oven that cooks and bakes dishes like naan, paneer, and chicken.

The flavors and quantities and intense. The spices used in North Indian food is something to envy. In some dishes, as many as 18 different spices used. You would be surprised to know that some of the recipes and dishes come with their cooking methods and techniques.

Indian cooking is not that hard at all. Once you get the hang of things, you can increase your quantity and prepare them according to your requirements. Indian spices and cooking is something that you would want to learn how to make and do.

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