Hot And Spicy: Prepare The Tikka Masala -

Hot And Spicy: Prepare The Tikka Masala

Hot And Spicy: Prepare The Tikka Masala

Hot And spicy cooking has been going on for ages. You can read all about it in ancient cooking. The sculptors too highlight the fact about spicy food and their recipes. In this post, we will learn how to prepare the spicy tikka masala using chicken breast.

The tikka masala is another hot and spicy dish from Australia. Australian recipes have lot of influence from Asian cuisine. It comes with a lot of variety of spice. A walk in the spice market and you will fill with different aromas and flavors got from in there.

Make The Hot And Spicy Tikka Masala

Not to mention, they are proud of their spices. In ancient days, spices from Asia were used as a mode of payment for other goods. That shows the popularity of Asian spices since those days.

Most of the Australian dishes are prepared using some traditional techniques and cooking ideas. This is one of them. To make the tikka masala or chicken tikka, you will need to use a tandoor.

Hot And Spicy: Prepare The Tikka Masala
Hot And Spicy: Prepare The Tikka Masala

A tandoor is similar to a hot oven that made and prepared from clay. It is gaining popularity in the world, especially America, where tandoor food is becoming immensely popular, thanks to its intense taste and flavor. 

The ingredients for the tikka masala can found in the local store. It comes with a wide range of spices. Hence, you will want to be lenient with the spices used in them. The tikka masala comes with lemon juice, yogurt to cool down the spice and heat if required, ground cumin, and ground cinnamon.

You need some ground black pepper, cayenne pepper, salt, chopped cilantro, paprika for more heat, minced ginger, minced garlic, boneless skinless chicken. You can make use of the chicken breast that commonly used in preparing the dish.

Prepare The Tikka Masala

You can also use some heavy cream, butter, chopped jalapeno pepper, tomato sauce, and some skewers for the tikka. You should marinate the chicken. It is always best to allow the marinade for a few hours to let the flavor seep into the chicken.

Hot And Spicy: Prepare The Tikka Masala
Hot And Spicy: Prepare The Tikka Masala

Hence overnight would be ideal. Mix all the ingredients into a large bowl that is the lemon juice, cumin, yogurt, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, salt, and cayenne pepper. Rub everything on the chicken nicely and then refrigerate it overnight.

Rub some oil on the grill and preheat it to high. Then keep the chicken on the skewers. You can also use some red and green bell pepper if you want to intense the heat a little bit. Remaining to marinate can be poured on the chicken when doing so.

Use need to saute the jalapeno, garlic, and some onions for a few minutes using butter. You can season it with paprika, salt, and cumin. For more heat, you can add some more chili powder. If the marinate it too spicy, then pour some yogurt in there.

The dish can be served with brown rice and bread. You can also have it with brown rice for lunch or dinner. Though it takes some time and effort, the hot and spicy tikka masala using chicken is worth your money.

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