How To Enjoy Spicy Cuisine Around The World

spicy cuisines

There are a number of countries that have their own unique set of spicy cuisines. For instance, in Thailand green chillies and red chillies are the national dishes while in India a number of South Indian and Chinese dishes use chillies extensively. In Spain, salted and spicy cuisines are popular. But what is it about these dishes that are so hot and spicy?

First of all, the ingredients used in South America are far different from those used in China. The former country of China has long been known for its great produce and variety of foodstuffs but has been reluctant to export its culinary secrets to the West. So we have a great variety of excellent dishes but very little information on how they are prepared. However, when it comes to spicy cuisines, Spain is leaps and bounds ahead of China as far as spiciness goes!

An Overview

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Now, since spicy foods tend to be very good for your health, it is worth knowing that traditionally, especially in the Andes mountains, they are cooked in very little sauces with small amounts of fish sauce. This is one reason why they taste so wonderfully. They are made using a lot less oil, salt and pepper, so you don’t get the excessive amounts of these additives that are typically added to make the dishes taste better. This means that instead of using an abundance of peppers and spices you can still enjoy extremely spicy foods that are both nutritious and very healthy at the same time. As a result, you get all the health benefits without any of the artificial additives.

It is possible to eat a relatively healthy diet by eating a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, and avoiding most pre-packaged meals that contain high levels of salt and sugar. However, there are always going to be times when you crave a bit of that exotic taste. Luckily, you do not need to go to Thailand to get it. In fact, there are many Thai dishes that can be cooked in just about any American kitchen. By looking at recipes and looking at websites where Thai food is showcased, you should have no problem preparing some of the most delightful Thai meals that you can imagine.

One of the most famous Thai dishes around is called Burmese Chicken. It uses a classic blend of chillies, peanuts, lemongrass, cumin, garlic and coconut milk along with various spices to create a delicious dish that is both very spicy and very rich. To make this dish you would need to start with a very spicy chicken breast (which can be prepared a number of ways), and brown rice. The next step is to add either a few chunks of chilies or some dried red chilies, coriander leaves, green chilli powder, white pepper, tomato paste, cumin powder, garlic, and salt to the mixture.

Enjoying Spicy Cuisine Around the World

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If you do not care too much for spicy foods and do not want to use too many spices, you could prepare a similar dish using boneless, skinless chicken breasts and white wine as the sauce. Add a bit of extra chili peppers and oregano to the sauce as well. You could then serve this dish with a fresh salad and some steamed white rice. This dish goes well with fish as well, but you may want to steer clear of pork. For a really interesting twist on Thai foods that are both spicy and rich, you could pair the Thai chicken with cashews and mint leaves.

Many Mexican-American dishes share a lot of the same ingredients with Thai dishes. The basic components of these two kinds of cuisines include chili peppers, Mexican red salsa, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and hot sauces. As with chili peppers and Mexican red salsa, lime juice can help to eliminate the strong flavors of hot foods. Other ingredients such as avocado and lime juice can also help to minimize some of the spice. Most Mexican-American cuisines will use hot sauce to enhance the hotness of the various items.

If you are looking for ways to incorporate more spices into your meals without having to make any drastic changes, then you might enjoy tasting Indian cuisine. India dishes are famous for using chilies, red or green bell pepper, coriander, and various other spices. A variety of fruits and vegetables are also found in every Indian dish, which makes the dishes more interesting than the typical spicy cuisines.

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