Hottest Hot Sauce

Hottest Hot Sauce In The World: Which Are They

Hottest hot sauce give you love with spicy food? Then you certainly like the hot sauces. Other than the conventional hot sauces like tobacco sauce, there is the hottest hot sauce in the world that you are yet to try. If you are really a devoted fan, then you can give them a try. Here I am going to list the sauces that are regarded as the hottest hot due to their fierceness.

Hottest Hot Sauce

8 Hottest Hot Sauce:

Blair’s 2 A.M. Reserve

With 600000 Scoville heat index, it is one of the fiery sauces in the list of hot sauces. You need to pay 29.95$ for a bottle of 3-ounce sauce.  But before using, be double sure that you want it as it can burn your mouth for than an hour.

Blair’s 3 A.M. Reserve

It comes with the Scoville heat index of 2 million. Are you not contented with the 2 A.M sauce? Need to spice your dish more than that? Then opting for this 3 A.M sauce from Blair will be a perfect idea. It has 20% more spiciness than the 2 A.M. version. A single drop of this sauce can make your whole mouth burn for a whole day. Obtainable in a funky bottle of 3 ounces and signed by the owner himself, this is priced at 49.95 $.

Cajohns Mongoose

Prepared with Fatalii as well as ghost chilies, this spiciest sauce has the Scoville heat index of 3 million. Owing to its spiciness, it is termed as slow and unbearable.

Hottest Hot Sauce

Holy Jolokia Hot sauce

Some vinegar, dash of lemon juice along with paste of ghost chilies go into making this hot sauce. It has the Scoville heat index of 1 million. But owing to the presence of lemon and vinegar, its spiciness feels just like the ghost chilies.

Crazy Uncle Jester Select Reserve

Craze Uncle Jester produces different sauces, among which select reserve is the hottest having the Scoville heat index of 1.1 million. Before opting for this particular variety, you must know that a complete lot of Habanero peppers are used for making each bottle. So think twice before using.

Mad Dog 44 Magnum

Having the extracts of pure capsaicin and the Scoville heat index of 4 million, this is considered the hottest sauce in the world. It is better to stay away from it if you want to be safe. The spiciness will make you crazy, I must say!

Pepper Palace The Hottest Sauce

The manufacturers use forty pounds of ghost chilies for making each batch of this hottest sauce that comes with the Scoville heat index of 3.5 million. Thus, in comparison to the Tabasco sauce it is nearly 700 times hotter.

Mad Dog 357

With 9 million Scoville heat index, this hot sauce uses 60% pure capsaicin. It is so thick in texture that you need to heat the bottle to take the sauce out. Till today, it is considered the hottest hot sauce in the world. After that, you need to use pure capsaicin.

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