Eating Spicy Food During Pregnancy Myths Risks and Tips -

Eating Spicy Food During Pregnancy Myths Risks and Tips

Eating Spicy Food While Pregnant

During pregnancy, one of the things with first-rate care and attention is your diet. As the mother, you must be extra vigilant about the foods you eat, significantly that everything you eat can affect the baby’s health inside your womb.

Among the controversial issues being debated is the belief that if you’re pregnant, best to avoid spicy foods, it may put you at risk of unwanted complications. However, as a mother, you need to be informed if this is true or not. Read on this article, and you will find out the myths, risks, and even tips on eating spicy food when pregnant.

Which Is True And Which Is Not?

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Eating spicy foods alone does not affect your nor your baby in any way. Even consuming them during your first trimester is safe and does not hurt your baby’s growth and development. It is also true that spicy foods must be taken only with restricted portions. Undeniably, there will be no problem when you eat spicy foods with regulation. The problem only occurs when you start consuming too much.

Some effects of spicy foods in your body if you go beyond are aggravating ulcers, feeling heartburns, nausea, stomachache, and unbearable pain that may not be bearable for you. During the first trimester, the risk is not as high as in your second and third trimesters. These are the period of your pregnancy, where a growing fetus causes stomach acids.

The myths that are a hundred percent not real, and you should stop believing that eating spicy food when pregnant leads to pre-term labor, and your baby may develop congenital disabilities. It’s also not true that you may encounter a miscarriage. There are no scientific researches that prove these myths.

How Much Spice is Safe For Pregnant Women to Eat?

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As long as the pregnant mom can take the hotness and spiciness of food she is eating, it is safe for them to consume it. However, there is a difference between eating spicy junk foods and spicy healthy foods. It is still more important to eat healthy when you are pregnant because the baby will also benefit from it.

Spicy Foods That Are Safe For Pregnant Women

Some spicy foods that are safe for pregnant women to eat are curry sauces, Middle-Eastern dishes such as green chilies and coriander, and wasabi peas. They are also safe to eat piri-piri sauces, which mainly contains onions, garlic, and tomato.

Tips and Limitations In Consuming Spicy Foods

If you’re eating spicy food when pregnant, it should be balanced. Make sure that the foods are wholesome, avoid prepacked foods. It’s better to choose freshly cooked dishes over frozen ones. If you’re consuming canned goods, better check the nutrition facts, labels, and the expiry date.


One limitation you should consider if you’re buying outside are the brands. Beware of the brands that are not legitimate. Lastly, you can browse recipes online or have manual cookbooks at home. These could serve as a guide on eating spicy foods, especially when pregnant.

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