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6 Most Popular Chinese Spicy Food

Chinese Spicy Food

In mainland China, there are some regions recognized to offer the spiciest and hottest dishes around. People are craving to taste and try them out of curiosity. Recipes are disseminated on the internet, trying to recreate the dish.

As an Asian country, it is normal for Chinese cuisine to have different spices and herbs in their dishes. Asian countries are fond of spices, and they are known for it worldwide. Thus, China did not take this label for granted.

If you love Chinese and spicy food, then you have come to the right place. Sichuan is a crowded city in China where you can find all sorts of Chinese dishes. This article lists down below six of the most popular Chinese spicy foods you might want to try when you visit China.

Yu Xiang Tofu

Famous in Sichuan, this dish’s name translates to “fish fragrant tofu,” although fish is not part of the ingredients. With spices such as ginger, garlic, a bit of soy sauce and chili beans, sugar, fresh tofu, and a hint of capsicum, this dish is literally the bomb. Although every chef changes their take of this dish, the spiciness level remains the same.

Tofu Ma Po

Originating again from Sichuan’s land, Tofu Ma Po is one of the Chinese cuisine’s spiciest dishes. Its primary ingredients include a spicy sauce made from chili beans, tofu, minced pork, and Sichuan peppercorn, mainly responsible for the dish’s heat with every bite.

Saliva Chicken

Coming from Sichuan, this dish may have saliva on its name, but it indeed doesn’t contain one. It consists of boiled chicken, marinated in chili, and sesame oil. The fact that it has undergone marination already gives you the idea of how spicy it could be, to think that it is soaking in chili oil for half an hour.

Hot and Sour Glass Noodles

Chinese spicy food from Chongqing but can also is available in various Chinese food streets. This noodle dish is inexpensive, but its ingredients will make you drool. It incorporates sweet potato flour, glass noodles, soybeans soup, chili paste, chili oil, and vinegar.

Dan Dan Noodles

Another spicy Chinese food is a noodle dish from Sichuan. Dan dan noodles comprise a paste of chili bean, minced pork, minced garlic, and ground peanuts, with scallions and cilantro as toppings. This cookery from Sichuan will make you crave for more spicy foods.

Er Kuai Spicy Chicken

Originating from Yunnan’s small province, this is a famous dish of a steamed rice cake, cut into bite-size cubes, pan-fried with chili peppers, and deep-fried chicken. This is one of the most popular Chinese dishes that were also adopted by many western countries. Besides, everyone loves deep-fried chicken, and this dish has its own twists and turns with just a little bit of spices mixed in it. Yum!


A pizza sitting on top of a wooden table

Undeniably, across the world, Asians and their fascination with spicy foods is a top story. Chinese are among the people recognized for their extreme tolerance with spices. Chinese spicy foods are a temptation for people who don’t care how much they sweat from the hotness caused by these dishes.

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